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Dirty Words

Because whatever fits in words also fits in heads that will always poison it with everything they already know. In the beginning God and the Devil did the creating together, until the day they invented a creature that had a word for everything. Packing for an expedition to the civilized world, to announce the birth of the living myth.

Dirty Life #1

Two lovers who once shared a womb soon find out that the only escape from the village called City is death. Innocence crushed, or how "We" became torn apart into "You" and "I".

Art For The Millions

A picaresque adventure of weeds surviving between the cracks in the pavement. From door to door to door... In every house a tentacle of the monster is stirring and sweating out its hunger. And when you feel him positioning himself behind you like a tomcat about to fasten himself inside, then what do you say? A popular little number to boost sales and make us rich.

Dirty Life #2

Revenge. Whatever I've done wrong has been erased by the punishment. They have cast me off alone and alone I shall remain. No one will miss my love.

A Dome Of Lenses

The left hand has had enough of the right hand's rule. How to make love to a real barbie doll. You should be careful what kind of past you take into your life. Finding that one special person is nothing special. She licks the blood from his gentle hands and gratefully caresses his sword. Cameras follow us like hungry dogs that live from the globs they lick up from the pavement.

Dirty Life #3

Pride. I stand out above them, the filth that calls itself the people. My cream-white neck stretched out across the chopping block, my round backside pointed upwards, gently swaying, come to me, death, come...

The Object

Where I come from, an artist isn't something you just become, you have to be born into it, like royalty. But this art is the mirror of the beast. She humiliates the spectators by humiliating herself so openly... "The way Doctor Truth cuts out your heart and holds it throbbing before your eyes, so you can watch yourself die... I'll use you, I'll exhibit you the way I've only used and exhibited myself until now. Like an object, because only an object can be elevated to art."

A Bucket Full Of Broken Glass

Beloved, if we don't want their life, it's so simple, all we have to do is, we just won't imitate their life... But beloved, I'm inhabited by a parasite as long as my guts, and every inch of it is hungry. The beast comes inside but the door is trembling, more and more almost there. Brooding on a nest full of broken eggshells, hoping there may be life in them yet...

Wet Grass

A play of healing and cruelty in two acts and one interlude. You can never forget, even when you don't remember... Are you a virgin looking for trouble? This is the movie where you finally get everything you've been asking for. Why couldn't I be there? To kill every man who ever touched you. To be every man who ever touched you. Cast in order of appearance: Road, Virgin, Turtleneck, Skirt, Crowd, Doctor Truth, Gin, Mattress, Candle, Chorus of Rain and Memories, and a brief glimpse of the Author.

Dirty Life #4

A first drop of light. I walked in circles until I was walking between two walls. I carry your soul in my gut and you carry mine. Tomorrow I won't recognize you anymore. But now it's still dark and the night is long.

Dirty Life #5

Romance. Passion is filth and for love they have the heel, full of power and pain. So much pain that I'm relieved when a horse's hoof finally closes my eyes. She was nothing but a dream.

Songs In The Wrong Key

Beloved, do you really want to hear my record, listen to all my old songs? A butterfly that awakens in the winter. My very first three-minute love song. Does this hard green fruit already stink of man? Yes it does, but only on the inside. She loves me, she loves me not... All she ever wanted was my empty bed. Another dry purse that only opens up when they stick in some money... Or maybe a knife. Beloved, every song I ever sang without you was wrong.

Dirty Life #6

Sacrifice. Is this boy following me or am I delivering him? Back home there was nothing to connect me with his cursed people. Now I can only walk into the trap where I am bringing him.

The Mud Is The Flower

Didn't your mother warn you about men? All men... Except her own of course. It's Liberation Day. Mother is a dirty word. Father, it burns everywhere you grabbed me. I sentence you both to a death you'll never forget. But first let's break out the booze and have a ball.

Escape From The Village Called City

Through the snow-peaked mountains of fear. But the eye of my dream still looks back at the village that tried to kill me in my sleep. No road, no path, no footsteps in the snow other than my own. But then a bloody chopped off hand falls before me on the ground. The hand touches my feet. I turn up my nose and laugh. Never again do I want to be lonesome together.

Dirty Life #7

Exile. I am no more and still the light has not taken up my place. To forget is the original sin. Come, you who call yourselves liberators, let your sticks and swords and bullets break me loose...

Opus Below Zero

A chapter of many images and few words. God is dead. The cricket plays and the ant works. To me or not to me. A swan thought he was a chicken. There's no such thing as swan soup. The world of the boxes. Letter for a sad gentleman. I want to go to a desert island where even I won't live. Miracle, an extinct bird once laid an egg. Little nocturnal animals. I'm naked, I must find work. I should look inside, they say. Blind ant heaven. A bird is getting bored.

Return To Mount Terror

Because this land is no one's world, because my home is wherever you are. Regular mail doesn't get delivered to Antarctica. If you want to be freed of the idea that you have an interesting past, try writing about it. He slowly disappears under the flowers and handfuls of earth scattered over him, and he's just as happy as before. Words are the corpses that fall from talking lips. Judgment day. I am a ghost, a song without words.

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