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Marshall Allen:
That’s the real secret, and there’s nothing else to say. It’s just, I’m gonna try to do it, to prove it. If it does you any good, it will rub off when needed. And that’s what people need. And I’ve seen other people age, that’s kind of despondent, or they changed their mind about this, and… Going another way. But I’m still fighting that battle of what I was taught, using sound. I hear sounds, sometimes they come out of there, out of nowhere. And I hear things… And then sometimes I only hear nothing. Then I play anyway, and something else comes out. And it seems… I’m standing! The only thing I know is to use it for my own betterment. I want to create a better world, I’ll start with myself. Small. So there you have it. Ain’t much more to say.

Lol Coxhill... click here for more drawings amd photos.


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