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Nathaniel Catchpole

I'm not sure if this is Vanita and Joe... If it is, I met you at th Klinker and Cornelius Cardew Day - I was the young guy with Japanese girlfriend. If not don't worry. I just wanted to say that I enjoyd the bulletin very much - It's a great publication, and I hope you do another one. Anyway thanks again for the magazine, I'm sure I'll see you around. If this isn't Vanita and Joe, it would be handy if you'd forward this to them.

Veryan Weston

I hope all is well with you both.....enjoyed meeting and talking with you in Rotterdam...the content of which I remember very well, included our discussion about meat-eating and the aesthetics which I enjoyed talking about with you a lot, but find myself at the moment almost at a point of a massive contradiction. Although being vegan, I'm considering being a hunter-gatherer as I have two dogs that eat the most atrocious food out of cans that smell more often than not like shit before it's shat. On a walk I do with them, I've discovered a field, right next to a big electrical power station for the London-Edinburgh Trains, and in the field are literally hundreds of rabbits....some of the bucks are bigger than either of my little doggies (they are dachsunds inherited from my parents last year when they both died)....anyway, I'm considering buying a powerful and extremely accurate air rifle, and so would have to learn how to skin and gut the creature after I have killed it.....what do you think about this as an aesthetic??!!... perhaps I could keep the skins and you could wear them....
..did the little Worm Festival series use your brilliant pictures of us?.....have you still got them? possible would it be to scan them and send them to me and Lol.....someone is putting out a CD of me and Lol from Belgium (the gig we did the next day after Rotterdam).....and using pictures painted on the gig by someone for the CD....and to be quite honest, and a bit ruthless.....YOUR pictures are really special and dear Lol agrees as well....
It would be very nice to hear from you....and you and your mate are welcome to visit us anytime you chose to come to England to perhaps see the bunnies

Thanks for sharing with us your moral dilemmas! (Always nice to know we're not the only ones who're crazy)... If the skinning & cleaning part really bothers you we really don't see why you couldn't hand it over to the dogs "AS IS"... They really dig intestines + fur you know... (the filthy beasts). Let them be unesthetic (or immoral) if they feel so inclined... and then it's beautiful again. Just like in real nature. (Of course if you really get a primal kick out of all this there ain't no sin in that either...)

yet another great meal tonight.....Jilly made a kind of improvised adaption of one of your priceless recipies.....
.....have you thought of having a recipe section in your paper.....sort of "useful structures to improvise with"....? speak soon....ongoing.............v

Evan Parker

"The approach that Vanita and Johanna Monk apply to the editorship of the magazine gives it a unique perspective and flavour. Unlike many writers on the music they are seen often at concerts! and they seek to engage the musicians in dialogue. It would be a great shame if the first issue was the only issue simply for lack of cultural support"
I made a hard copy of the interview and am very happy with the faithfulness of your transcription and the way it comes over.
Thanks again, all best, Evan

Peter Kowald

thank you for all of that, and see you soon again. i am in victoriaville / canada now. except writing emails i have no ideas about the computer and don't know how to make links etc., but i will learn it step by step. hugs peter

Ken Hyder

I enjoyed it for one simple reason - it allowed the musicians to talk about what they wanted to talk about. Too many music mags are filled by journalists talking about themselves and what they think the musicians are saying.
Ken Hyder

Thomas Lehn

really nice to talk with you last night. and now i'm sitting in the train to cologne and starting to read your bulletin. it looks very focussed and put the view on the essential things: namely the content of thoughts about and insights into music - i appreciate that very much! i think there are too many fashionable magazines today, and it feels so well, to see, there are still people, who aim to go into something (also in touc with the essential!, like we talk last night about music essentials). also, i like and appreciate the simple photocopy outlook! the black and white photos are impressive and have something to tell and transport! also i like the 2nd headline: "irregular periodical for the liberation of music and literature.": irregular: i like! liberation of music AND literature: yes!
i am now going to read the alan silva article... thanks so much for your work. i think it is a very important support!
all best and stay in touch,
ps: the silva interview is extremely moving and touching! so much essential stuff comes over here; really good! btw.,i appreciate, you transcribe all details, even the "hmm's" and repeaed "you know's" : it transfers the person much more as he is then if you would have cut these elements out. good work! thanks.

friends, i just received this very sad message. it's a shock... - i saw peter in july in nickelsdorf and he was in a wonderful mood, lively and enjoying his life...; and i read the interview you did with him... it's so sad...

Fred Lonberg-Holm

hey Y'all!
Thanks for the zine. Hope its not the only issue. Liked just about everything but am not sure why the MC5 take a hit from you. Anyway, here's a strange bit... just realized that your site was where I first got to see the Wels schedule having no idea then I would meet you there (even though you wrote that you would!)(I just didn't think you meant it)(now that I have met you, I know better). Anyway... Kick out the jams! Muthafukaaa!
Yours, Fred

slow down fred... either you've been reading too fast or we've been writing too fast (cross out that last possibility). It was Sun Ra who (legend has it) was put off by the MC5's lack of... discipline.

Various readers

Just stumbled across your page while looking for some info on Eddie Prevost. Excellent interview, perceptive questions. Looking forward to the ones with Parker and Lehn. Then I came here and saw my buddy Nat's note below.
Great job so far; good luck with the project.
Brian Olewnick

Hi from Australia. Very tasteful and informative site. I am looking forward to the Evan Parker interview very much.
Cheers, John

Hi from France. Very nice interviews with Peter Kowald and Alan Silva (I love those "live" interviews with lots of back noises and loud-mouth words). Hope this first issue will not be the only one.
Cheers, Gerard Rouy

I hope you guys are still going; it's October 2003 now and I just found your site. Excellent interviews, and inspiringly insightful yet relaxed writing on your part. You've convinced me to ditch my job and go to Wels for this year's fest.
Andrew Choate

Came to your website while searching for info on Peter Kowald, after I learned that he had passed away. I'll always regret not having the chance to see him solo at the 2000 Vision Festival. Just want to say that the interview you had with him was very insightful. Keep up the good work!

Great site, max respect for your unvaluable job!
Ciao! Andrea

Looks like a very promising venture you've got going here. It's always an uphill struggle promoting music out of the mainstream but as a long time fan of the likes of Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, et. al. and now the wonderful younger generation of artists such as Thomas Lehn, John Butcher, Chris Burn, et. al., I wish you much success with this site.
Andy Linkner

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